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Welcome to Home Grown Books, a unique bookstore created by authors. Home Grown Books is dedicated to showcasing self-published authors. We offer readers a rare opportunity to discover new talent and to read books not found in traditional bookstores. We also provide a venue for authors to get their self-published books into the hands of the public. All the authors and artists are from or have connections to the Ozarks and represent a wide variety of genres.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Becoming Mentally Healthy
Ma Ma Jean's Natural Market
Springfield, Missouri
Tuesday June 14th
6:00 pm until 7:30 pm. 

Meet Susie Macomber, author of Into Fear and Back, and noted psychiatrist Dr. Adram Hoffer.  Dr. Hoffer will present a video, FEED YOUR HEAD. Susie will be on hand to personalize copies of her book and discuss how she overcame her battle with mental illness. Afterwards, there will be a question and answer discussion on the subject of mental/emotional illness and how to make a recovery using good nutrition. It is free and open to the public. Seating is limited. You may want to register by calling 417-831-529. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Northern Oklahoma Literary Arts Book Festival

Dark Side Awarded Best of Show

Author CC Brown was honored at the Northern Oklahoma Literary Arts Book Festival May 14.  CC Brown is the pseudonym adopted by the three co-author team of Carolyn Craig, Kathy Brown, and Schyrlet Cameron. Their book Dark Side was awarded Best of Show.  The novel is a paranormal thriller that takes the reader on a suspense-charged ride filled with bloodthirsty vampires and extraordinary women.  Dark Side is available as a paperback, hardback or ebook  on http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ or http://www.amazon.com/ .

Local Author Receives Honorabl Mention

From Trash to Treasure: the Evolution of an Ozarks Junkyard
by Betty Henderson
received  the 2011 Honorable Mention in the Best Book category from the Missouri Writers Guild. From Trash to Treasure  was published by High Hill Press October 2010 and is available from Amazon.com.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Whispering Prairie Press
2011 Poetry, Flash Fiction, and Essay Writing Awards
Postmark Deadline: June 30,2011

Polish your favorite poems, short fiction, and essays for the 2010 Whispering Prairie Press 2011 Poetry, Flash Fiction, and Essay Writing Awards!
Poetry: Any style, any subject. Limit: 36 lines
Flash Fiction: A complete fictional short story with a beginning, middle and end. 1,000 words or less
Non-fiction Personal Essay:  1,000 words or less

For more information visit the website below. http://www.kansascityvoices.com/

Friday, April 29 Springfield News-Leader

Summer Time For Reading
Article by
Sandy Clark
Sandy Clark recommends three local authors for summer reading in his article, “Summer Time For Reading.” You can find it on the first page of the "Life" section of the Friday, April 29 Springfield News-Leader paper. First three authors on the list are books by authors from Home Grown Books! Dark Side by CC Brown is listed #1, Moment In Time by Ilene Bates is listed #2, and From A Far Land by David Walker is #3. “Read the “Summer Time for Reading” article which is continued on page 4.  It has an interview with Kathy Brown, co-owner of  Home Grown Books.