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Welcome to Home Grown Books, a unique bookstore created by authors. Home Grown Books is dedicated to showcasing self-published authors. We offer readers a rare opportunity to discover new talent and to read books not found in traditional bookstores. We also provide a venue for authors to get their self-published books into the hands of the public. All the authors and artists are from or have connections to the Ozarks and represent a wide variety of genres.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coming October 4, 2014

This event is brought to you by Mt. Vernon Regional Arts Council. All Celebrities, guests and events have been exclusively planned and organized for your entertainment by Home Grown Books. For more information call 417-452-3507or visit the website http://mysteryandintriguefest.wordpress.com.
Mystery and Intrigue Fest will take place in Mt. Vernon, Missouri at the MARC Saturday, October 4th at 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The event is hosted by the Mt. Vernon Regional Arts Council. The Festival will feature guest speakers and performers from across the Ozarks. The event will also include vendor and author displays. In addition, the festival will host a special after dark investigative Ghost Tour of a local landmark. (Admission: Free)

Wesley Fox
Director of Branson Paranormal Chasers
12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Admission: Free

Sean-Paul, Illusionist
Intrigue Theatre
2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Admission: $17.00 at the door

Friday, March 7, 2014

New Arrival for March

Adam K. Nelson

Author: Adam K. Nelson lives in Springfield, Missouri with his family. Adam has authored two books: Learning To Live and A Night with St. Nick. Both of Adam Nelson’s book are available at Amazon.com.

Title: Learning To Live
Genre: Fantasy
Book: Ryan Sterling is a college senior driving home for winter break. The drive is ordinarily uneventful, but not today. He watches in horror as an unknown aircraft causes an explosion so massive that the above ground world is destroyed. Ryan escapes, but he wakes up alone, severely burned, and lying on the basement floor of his parents' home. Left with only delirious dreams and memories of his family and girlfriend, Sara, Ryan is forced to confront the despair of being the only apparent survivor, his lack of faith in God, and the fear that whatever -- or whomever -- caused the explosion will soon return to finish the job. Over the year to come, Ryan must rediscover hope and conquer his fear so that he can truly survive and thrive in the new reality of a devastated planet. Now that Ryan has lost the world, can he gain his own soul?

Title: A Night with St. Nick
Genre: Fiction/Children
Book: Jimmy is a ten-year-old boy who has grown up too fast. None of his friends believe in Santa, and it is no longer cool for him to believe either. Even though Jimmy saw Santa one Christmas when he was young, he still refuses to accept him. In an effort to restore some of Jimmy's faith, Santa Claus orchestrates a special night that will not easily be forgotten. He answers some of the big questions that Jimmy has about how Santa works, but, most important, Jimmy learns the true meaning of Christmas. Will Jimmy be able to believe after A Night with St. Nick?

New Arrival for March

Kim Doll

Author: Kim Doll lives in the Ozarks with her family.

Title: Keeper of the Canines
Genre: Fantasy
Book Description: Truth. It is something we all want to believe exists, but it is something that often eludes us. Imagine for a moment that beyond Earth, intangible forces direct events as if humans were mere puppets on strings. Now imagine that the prophecy of a man returning as the savior of our planet is false, but that the redeemer is already here, embodied in a dog. Moon Shadow is that special canine. Chosen by the guardians of the Crystal plane, a Border Collie named Moon Shadow is the light to a greater truth. Teaming up with Feather, a rookie guardian angel, the two form a partnership to do battle against the evil forces of the Obsidian plane. Moon Shadow's journey takes her from the hell of a puppy mill, to life with a neglectful and abusive family, before she eventually finds freedom on the streets of a Midwestern city. After a brief taste of independence, she is captured. Her captor is a scarred and despicable man, but when she uses her new found powers to save his soul, she knows that her path of destiny has started. Moon Shadow and the Keeper of the Canines is the beginning of a saga pitting good against evil and the quintessential wake up call for humanity. Keeper of the Canines is available at Amazon.com.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Go Digital

To effectively promote your book, make sure that you have a website and a blog, plus some social networking profiles (Facebook and Twitter are most popular, but for some books LinkedIn or Pinterest may be a better fit). Make sure you schedule some time every day to engage with people. 

Join the Websites Below- They are free websites that will list your book, author bio, and book events. Just  join and follow the directions for posting  information. Very easy!

A.   goodreads.com
B.   authorcentral.com
C.   authorsden.com
D.   shelfari.com

Top 10 Book Promotion Strategies

1.    Social networking and social media: 94 percent
2.    Blogging: 84 percent
3.    Seeking book reviews: 75 percent
4.    Seeking testimonials and endorsements: 73 percent
5.    Press releases: 68 percent
6.    Email marketing: 62 percent
7.    Radio and television talk shows: 62 percent
8.    Speaking events: 60 percent
9.    Article marketing: 57 percent
10. Book signings: 56 percent

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Red Orchid Publishing

Red Orchid Publishing
Melanny Henson
We started Red Orchid because we were frustrated with the publishing market. Now, more than ever, writers have the opportunity to produce books and have their stories read. However, after a writer pays a self publishing service or editor hundreds or even thousands of dollars, they are left alone to market their work by themselves, making it very difficult to compete against major distributors. Red Orchid intends to thwart this system by offering professional editorial services for free to upcoming talent and to provide a legitimate publishing platform for writers to market books. The spirit of Red Orchid is service and good will. Rather than upfront fees, Red Orchid accepts projects by commission. If we find an editor who believes in your project, we will help you produce quality work and we will help you sell your book in this highly competitive market. With updated multi-media marketing strategies and a strong network of talented writers and editors, Red Orchid is fast becoming a tangible presence in the publishing market.

Red Orchid's first organizational goal is to launch the careers of 30 writers on March 31, 2014. The deadline for being included in the 30 Writer Launch is February 1, 2014, 11:59 PM.

To be considered for the premier debut of Red Orchid's Writing Career Launch, your submission must be received by February 1, 2014.There are no length requirements. The submission should be a novel, a memoir, or a poetry chapbook in any genre. This contest is unique in that categories are not separate: the 30 best works will be chosen with no quota for type of book.

If selected for a career launch, your book will appear on the redorchipublishing.com website for 90 days for free. You will also be offered a publishing contract with Red Orchid at the end of the 90 day period, which you may decline if you wish.

Promotional Ideas

OK, time for our tough love speech! Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It is not an excuse to say, “Well, I’m computer challenged or I don’t know how to do that.” Hey, you are an author; you wrote a book and took the bold steps to get it published! You didn’t know how to do these things either when you started out. If you want to be successful at this game, you have to try new things and learn new skills, even if that includes technology. It is your book and your success, so don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet.

Audio Book
Create an audio version of your book. Very easy to do! One of our authors, Rick East, followed our advice and created an audio book for his book, A Glimpse of Glory-My Jouney to heaven and Back. Here is the link you will need if you wish to use Amazon's Audible.com for turning your print book into audio: http://www.acx.com/ . The site finds a person to read your book. The audio book is then offered through Amazon.com for sale. This site pays you royalties for sales. There is no cost for the service, but you have to pay the reader or share profits. Rick said he would be happy to talk to anyone interested in creating an audio of their book. Contact: Rick East 417-866-0010.

To hear an excerpt from Rick’s  audiobook, "A Glimpse of Glory - My Journey to Heaven and Back", click on this  web site.

Below the picture there is an arrow you can click on that says "Listen - Play Sample".

Amazon Book and ebook Publishing.
Please, do not pay big bucks to a company to publish your book. Publish yourself through Amazons publishing division called createspace.com. You can buy your books through them at a very low price. You do not have to buy large qualities to resell either. Your book is placed on amazon.com for sale. If someone orders a book on amazon.com, amazon mails the book. This site pays you royalties for sales. If you can not do this on you own, Richard Snelson, one of our authors, can do this for a very small fee. He has provided this serve for several of our authors. Contact: Richard Snelson at rsnelson0984@mchsi.com.

Smashwords  Ebook Sales
Put your book on Smashwords.com. This is an ebook sale site. Brett Macomber, our website tech guy, can do this for you for a very small fee. He did it for us. This site pays you royalties for sales.  Contact: Brett Macomber at brett.macomber@gmail.com

Create a Book Blog
We started our blog at blogspot.com. It is just a matter of setting up an account (no cost) exploring the site and trying it out. You get to pick background, font, format, etc. If you chose something and don’t like it, you can delete and start over. Once you have the site, post quotes from your book, information about you and your book, book events, or just your thought for the day. More time you get on the site, the more often it will show up on Google, Bing, etc when someone searches a topic close to your book title.  No cost unless you have to hire someone to help you. Brett Macomber at brett.macomber@gmail.com can help you for a very small fee.

Facebook page or/and Author Page
Same as a blog page you need to post comments, quotes, pictures, and excerpts from your book daily or weekly. Just follow the directions after you set up an account. No cost unless you have to hire someone to help you. Rebekah Merritt at owlmediapub@gmail.com can help you for a very small fee.