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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Arrival

The Legend of the Golden Huaca
Colleen Tucker

Author: Colleen Tucker worked as a secretary with the F.B.I., taught course at Huff College, was a court reporter certified in Federal and Circuit courts and owned a court reporting agency. In later years, she was a talent and casting agent, working on television shows such as America’s Most Wanted, Unsolved Mysteries, movies Ozark Lends and Legacy at IMAX, A Place To Grow, as well as commercials for Silver Dollar City and Missouri Travel Tourism.

Book: Tom and his son, David, get lost while hunting. They find ancient carvings on a rock. They believed the carvings may be tired to the legend of a Spanish treasure hidden in remote caves of the Arkansas Ozarks. David’s father sets off to search for a way home and disappears.  After months of searching for his father, David is joined by three college friends and an intuitive Chihuahua.  Their mysterious adventure lead to the discovery of the Legend of the Golden Huaca. For a copy of The legend of the Golden Huaca, contact the author at her email address: colleen40quail@yahoo.comwww.

New Arrival


Ann Charlotte

Author: From an early age, Ann Charlotte has been writing stories. Encouraged by her Creative Writing professor, she has pursued her dream of a career as an author. A short story has been published by Reader’s Digest (Canadian Edition) and a work of poetry has been published in an anthology of verse. Of three full-length novels completed thus far, Spellbound, is the first to be professionally produced. She is currently working on a children’s book, The Adventures of Skeeter Marie. Originally from Nova Scotia, Ann Charlotte was raised in Ontario, Canada. She currently lives in Missouri.

Book: In 1861, Clarissa Montgomery was beside herself with grief as her husband, Charles, prepared to enlist in the Confederate Army. Raised by her Cajun grandmother in the bayous of Louisiana, Clarissa had learned the art of black magic, spells and incantations, though never really did believe in its power. But when she could not talk Charles out of going off to war, she resorted to the next best thing—she cast a spell to keep them all safe. Little could she have known the ramifications the frivolous little rhyme she just made up on the spur of the moment would have on their lives. A century and a half later, after the sudden death of her husband, the temptation to explore the historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia was too strong for Claire LePaige to resist. Yet the closer to Shenandoah she found herself, the more eerily familiar the area seemed. And when she stumbled upon an old, ramshackle house by the river, Claire knew she had to have it even though it was rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a Civil War soldier. The children saw him . . . tried to convince her he was real. However, Claire no more believed in ghosts than she did in reincarnation. It took a series of unexplainable coincidences for Claire’s resolve to crumble. Now available at amazon.com or anncbush@hotmail.com.

New Arrival

The Hawksbill Crag
Richard O. Snelson

Author: Missouri author, Richard O. Snelson has roots that are set deeply in the Crawford county area he writes about. The Snelson-Brinker cabin, built in 1834, still stands proudly in the Ozark Mountains located near Meramec Springs. Snelson was intrigued when he learned of the 1838 hanging of a 14-year-old slave girl who once lived there. Hence, The Hawksbill Crag adventure novel was born. He has also written a light-hearted novel about the country music and outdoor wonderland around Branson, and for aviation publications. Richard and his wife, RoxAnne, enjoy living on a ranch with their horses, while he continues to pen stories of the Ozark area he loves. Website:

Book: In 1865, Union Army Captain Nelson Paintier returns under military orders to his boyhood home, bushwhacker ravaged southern Missouri. His orders are to pardon or kill the raiders riding there under the black flag of "Give No Quarter." Caught up in a bushwhacker chase, he must help them or lose the schoolteacher love of his life. She alone understands his guilt for causing the death of a fourteen year old slave girl years before. Because of their love, his dedication to duty, and his desire to correct his past sins, they ride a path that leads them straight towards death on the sheer edges of the Hawksbill Crag. The Hawksbill Crag is now available from Amazon.com and http://www.bbotw.com/.

New Arrival

Temptation with Luggage
Sandy Shell

Author: Sandy Shell likes telling others about Jesus and His role in every day life. She is from a town surrounded by the natural beauty of the Ozarks. A large robust family fills her days as well as a cherished group called The Ozark Prairie Quilters. It’s amazing she finds time for sharing garden plants, staying fit with friends, plus cooking fast and fun meals. Sandy has traveled for years and is happy to return to the Midwest where she plans to write more of the sort of books she likes to read.  Website: http://sandyshell.com/

Book: Judy Hampton just moved back to her hometown and is still trying to unpack her household goods, reconnect with friends and deal with her past. She is a sensible person, a thoroughly disciplined Capricorn with frugal tendencies in the areas she picks to be prudent in. Single again, she plans to move smoothly into this subsequent chapter of her life. What Judy needs next is employment and not unleashed emotions that have been tucked away. Her celibate days have her unprepared for sexy Simon Riverson when he washes into her garage and into her temptations on a damp, rainy morning. Temptation with Luggage is now available on amazon.com.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Story behind the story: Women write book as tribute to friends

CC Brown
Authors of Dark Side
Featured in October 23 Joplin Globe 

CC Brown is the pseudonym adopted by the three authors: Schyrlet Cameron, Carolyn Craig, and Kathy Brown. The women live in the Ozarks with their families.

Dark Side delves into the wildly popular world of the paranormal, taking readers on a suspense-charged ride filled with bloodthirsty vampires and extraordinary women.

Dark Side was chosen Best of Show at the 2011 Northern Oklahoma Literary Arts Book Festival. It was also chosen the “Number One Summer Read” by the Springfield News-Leader in 2011.  Dark Side is available at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and smashwords.com.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Arrival

Corn Cave Adventure Series
Zona Crabtree

Zona Mae (Raymer) Crabtree grew up in the East Texas oil fields. After attending Texas Woman's University she taught Speech and English in Dalhart, Texas. While there she met her husband, Joe, and gave up teaching for farming. In 1968 they moved to near Verona, Missouri, on Spring River. They have three children and several grandchildren. Between working beef cattle and milking Jerseys Zona has worked with 4-H, substituted for area schools, and watched untold numbers of music, ball, and wrestling events of the children. She worked with Aurora Community Theater for many years, serving on the board, directing, and occasionally acting. She and her husband enjoy attending western and Indian type events.

Her self- published CORN CAVE SERIES led her to Ozark Writers League in 2007. She is also a member of Western Writers of America.  Other writing is included in Alzheimer’s Anthology of Unconditional Love, OWL’s Echoes of the Ozarks III, IV, V, VI, and The Ozarks Reader magazine. 

Corn Cave Series includes Gray Wolf, The Travelers, White Dove, The Return, and Shadow of the Hawk . The Corn Cave Series is available at: http://www.zonacrabtree.com/ .

New Arrival

MeMa's Manna Recipes
Mary Boll

When creating the MeMa's Manna cookbook series, author and cook Mary Boll collected recipes that delighted family and friends from northern Missouri down to the entertainment mecca of Branson, Missouri. Mary has three books in the series: MeMa's Manna Recipes for the Busy Person, MeMa's Manna 2: Simple Easy Budget Wise Recipes, and MeMa’s Manna 3: Better Than Take Out. Mary’s cookbooks are available on amazon.com.

Bolls says her cookbooks are for the busy person, because the recipes are quick and easy, and call for ingredients usually on hand in the kitchen. This is a down-home cookbook that will truly delight!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Need Help Polishing Your Manuscript?

Manuscript Editing and Proofreading Services
Consultant Janie Doss

The final part of the writing process is polishing your manuscript before it's offered to a publisher. Janie Doss can help you during this stage of the process. A writer herself, Janie has co-authored three teacher resource books, acted as an editor/proofreader for Mark Twain Media Publishers, and is a member of The Children’s and Young Adult Book Review Board of Missouri (BRB).

Services Offered
·         Proofreading including spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, typographical errors, and sentence structure is $3.00 a page. Manuscript must be typed before submitting.
·         Editing and proofreading starting at $5.00 a page. Manuscript must be typed before submitting.  

·         Typing and word processing of handwritten manuscript is $20.00 an hour. This price does not include proofreading or editing. 

Contact Information
Janie Doss

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Arrival

Author: Penny Robichaux-Koontz is an author, (whose life story has been featured on national TV, chronicled in newspapers and told in local and national magazines) artist, teacher, inspirational speaker and business woman who traveled nationally and internationally launching businesses and coaching in the health and fitness industry.

Book: I Thought You Had a Bigger Dream  is the amazing true life story of Penny Robichaux-Koontz. Penny was completely paralyzed in 1952 at the age of three from polio. However, with her mother's guidance and her own determination, she overcame the first bout of this disease.  In the early 1980's she was struck with post polio syndrome and a devastating prognosis "you will never walk again." I Thought You Had a Bigger Dream is available at amazon.com.

To learn more about Penny Robichaux-Koontz and her book visit http://www.pennyrobichauxkoontz.com/  

Contest! Contest! Contest!

Kinta Storyteller Blends History, Ghostly Tales: For Family Fun on Stormy Nights is the work of the late Jones Barnett. The editor, Harriett Barnett Ford, is his daughter. The story beginning on page 85 of the book is unfinished. Harriet is awarding two hundred dollars for the best story completing the unfinished tale. The books is available on amazon.com.

Contest Submission Guidelines:

1.    Standard manuscript form. Double-spaced. Times New Roman, 12 pt. Font.
2.    Word count must be under 3,000 and pages stapled.
3.    No content your Sunday school teacher wouldn’t read.
4.    Author’s name and page number on each page in the header. (This judge doesn’t know many people in the area yet, so I’m not prejudiced, and even if I were, I know a good story when I read it.)
5.    Email submissions to: harrietf@centurytel.net
6.    Send postal submission to: H.L. Ford, 184 Appaloosa Tr., Saddlebrooke, MO 65630
7.    All submissions must be received, or postmarked by February 5, 2012.
8.    Include a cover sheet with contact information: Name, phone number, email address, age, and a very brief three to four line bio. 

The contest is open to all writers of any age. The winner will be contacted March of 2012.

New Arrival

Author:Harriett Ford is a veteran reporter/columnist for the Rockford Labor News in Rockford, Illinois. She has written the popular Sara and Sadie's Sense and Nonsense, an advice and humor column appearing weekly in the Labor News since 1990. She currently resides in Missouri.

Books: Harriet's first book, Frankly Madame, won the WETA Chapter One Award in the Ozarks Romance Authors annual competition, and is the first title in the Beyond Fantasy series. Other titles in the series are Beyond the Third Circle and Beware. Her suspenseful style has been compared to Christian author, Frank Peretti.

Harriet's newest book is  If God Wants Me Well, Why Am I Sick? To find out more about Harriet Ford and her books visit www.deniedevidence.com . All titles are available for purchase at Amazon.com .