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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Romance in February

Ellisa Reese
On The Banks of Lake St Clare Series

Author: Ellisa Reese grew up in Rogers Arkansas. Ellisa, her husband, and three children currently live in Noel, Missouri. In her free time, she likes to write. She has written two romances in the On The Banks of Lake St Clare Series.

Title: On The Banks of Lake St Clare: Falling
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Book: Alex Dillard and her friends live a slow life in the small town of Noel. They spend their summer people watching; either at the baseball park, or at the local hangout. Life is peaceful and almost boring, (unless you count the usual cheer squad drama), until Michael Williams, a jaw-dropping athletic hunk moves to town. Mesmerized by Michael's good looks and charm, Alex fears he is way too perfect her. Their fairy tale love is more than puppy love as they discover what real love is together. Sweet, lovable Alex could never hurt anyone, but he seems to have made enemies all over town. When her friends find her naked in a pool of blood, and left for dead, people start to doubt her story. Life can change in a heartbeat, something Alex discovers firsthand. Has the trouble followed the love of her life to town? Will he stick it out?

Title: On The Banks of Lake St Clare: Forbidden
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Book: Erica Gallo is described by her friends as the “promiscuous one.” Although they seem to disapprove of the numerous guys she has boasted about, they like to live vicariously through her, making the small, sometimes boring town of Noel a little bit more exciting at times. But things aren't always as they seem. The four friends seem to all be going in different directions. While her best friend Alex is blinded by the “perfect love,” Erica’s double-life may tear their friendship to the ground, can she juggle her best friend and her forbidden love?

On The Banks of Lake St Clare: Falling and On The Banks of Lake St Clare: Forbidden are both available at amazon.com.

New Arrival for February

The First Voyage

     World War II veteran, Bill Armstrong’s new book The First Voyage is now available on Amazon.com. Bill tells the history of the USS Chincoteague AVP-24, the ship he served on during the war. His story includes "The Tragedy at Vanikoro" and other events from WW II, 1943-1946. The book is now available at amazon.com.