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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Arrival for August

Jan Moon

 Author:  Jan was born and raised in upstate New York. She has lived in Hawaii, Louisiana, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Nevada. She has a degree in English and has spent four decades working as a nurse. Now retired and living in lives in southwest Missouri, she stays busy with church, gardening, writing, and her two dogs and two cats.

Title: The Fall of the Year Paperback
Genre: Historical Romance/ Fantasy
Book: Two men, closer than brothers, yet worlds apart. One seeks revenge, the other peace. A young widow, forced to confront her humanity, her courage and her passion. Will her love be strong enough to make a difference? In the year 2000, widow and photographer Teresa Riley slips at the top of a waterfall and plunges into the eighteenth century. She is rescued by an ancient woman, Naomi, and her two companions, Matthew Gunn and Joseph Brant, taken to a Mohawk Indian village and forced to take up residency. Swept up in an adventure beyond her wildest dreams, she forges a tentative friendship with her three rescuers. But when she discovers a deadly conspiracy, she must place all her trust in them to help her change the course of history. This book is available at amazon.com.

Title:  Mark’s Remarkable Summer
Genre: Christian Inspirational
Book: Summer school, summer jobs, girls, good friends. Sounds pretty normal for a kid in a small town in north central Missouri. All 17-year-old Mark Stone wants is to get a passing grade in his Shakespeare class, score some time with Deborah, and have fun with his best friends, Carl and Herb. But he has begun hearing voices, seeing people who aren’t there, sensing something isn’t quite right. Is it his imagination? Is it the pot he’s been smoking just to be sociable? Or is it something more? Why isn’t his friend Hilda as disturbed as he is? And why can’t he get the lovely Deborah to just look at him? Now Herb seems to be out of control with drugs, Deborah seems to have a new love, and Mark hasn’t the first clue how to fix any of it. Hilda is a good listener but she’s old. What does she know about any of this? And now she wants him to read the Bible. What’s up with that? Hilda Barbour has watched a generation of kids in Hemlock, Missouri, grow up, go off to college or the military, or simply stay right here. Mark has always been special. He reminds her of her brother, killed during World War II, but he also brings out her maternal instinct, childless as she is. Now she, too, is concerned about some of the phenomena occurring around Hemlock, though her Christian convictions sustain her and she knows the Lord is in control. But how to impart this to Mark? There’s more at work here than just the world and the flesh, and she must call upon every ounce of faith she possesses, as things spin out of control, and two lives-and two souls-literally hang in the balance. This book is available at amazon.com. This book is available at amazon.com.