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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ghosts and Hautings

Author and Director of Branson Paranormal Chasers
Author Wesley Fox is a guide for Branson Ghost and Legends Tour and
the director of Branson Paranormal Chasers. Wesley, along with his team of
ghost hunters, investigate phenomena pertaining to ghosts and hautings. The organization uses both simple and high-tech electronic equipment to document and substantiate their experiences.  Branson Paranormal Chasers investigate both public places and private residences, and although the organization is based outside Branson Missouri, the group is willing to travel to investigate haunted sites around the state.  Wesley believes that skepticism is healthy, and that all reasonable explanations should be ruled out prior to declaring an experience to be paranormal in nature.  

Wesley has authored two books. The Dark Craft was published in the fall of 2012. It is available on Amazon.com. His new book, House of Echoes is a story based onunexplainable events that happened to his family in 1983. House of Echoes will be available this spring on Amazon.com.

Title: The Dark Craft
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Description: For Amber McCall, getting out of an abusive relationship meant moving away from her old life and starting over. After finding her dream home, Amber was enthusiastic about her new life. The one thing missing was her friends from back home. Soon strange events begin to unfold, and her dream home turns out to be a terrifying nightmare. After being chased from her new home by something evil, she has no choice but to call on her friends for help.

Title: House of Echoes
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Description: In the summer of 1983, the Fox family thought they had found their dream home. The house in Lowell, Arkansas, had everything the family looked for in a house. It was located next to the plant where Jesse Fox worked. It was a large two story Victorian style home with a cellar and a sub cellar. The one thing the house did have the family didn’t know about was a gruesome past. Suicide, murder, and black magic rituals were part of the house’s dark history. Will the family every be the same after moving into the house, or will they be over come with ghostly encounters from the past?

Attention Book Clubs

Book Lovers

Welkin Press has just released two anthologies. The two books include 12 stories each from 12 different award-winning authors. If you like to read a short romantic story now and then-- Fifty Shades of Santa, (Christmas themed romances, (non-explicit) is available on Kindle at Amazon.com. Also available on Kindle is the second collection, Shadows After Midnight, a group of twelve spooky tales--old fashioned, not gory, suspense.

Award winning author, Harriet Ford has a story in each book. “Bare-Shoulder Santa” appears in Fifty Shades of Santa and “Frog Thing” is featured in Shadows After Midnight. Should a book club decide to choose one of the Welkin Press anthologies, Harriett and several of the other contributing authors would arrange to visit the group and give a book talk, answer questions, but mostly share their enjoyable and laughable insights and comments.