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Friday, March 7, 2014

New Arrival for March

Adam K. Nelson

Author: Adam K. Nelson lives in Springfield, Missouri with his family. Adam has authored two books: Learning To Live and A Night with St. Nick. Both of Adam Nelson’s book are available at Amazon.com.

Title: Learning To Live
Genre: Fantasy
Book: Ryan Sterling is a college senior driving home for winter break. The drive is ordinarily uneventful, but not today. He watches in horror as an unknown aircraft causes an explosion so massive that the above ground world is destroyed. Ryan escapes, but he wakes up alone, severely burned, and lying on the basement floor of his parents' home. Left with only delirious dreams and memories of his family and girlfriend, Sara, Ryan is forced to confront the despair of being the only apparent survivor, his lack of faith in God, and the fear that whatever -- or whomever -- caused the explosion will soon return to finish the job. Over the year to come, Ryan must rediscover hope and conquer his fear so that he can truly survive and thrive in the new reality of a devastated planet. Now that Ryan has lost the world, can he gain his own soul?

Title: A Night with St. Nick
Genre: Fiction/Children
Book: Jimmy is a ten-year-old boy who has grown up too fast. None of his friends believe in Santa, and it is no longer cool for him to believe either. Even though Jimmy saw Santa one Christmas when he was young, he still refuses to accept him. In an effort to restore some of Jimmy's faith, Santa Claus orchestrates a special night that will not easily be forgotten. He answers some of the big questions that Jimmy has about how Santa works, but, most important, Jimmy learns the true meaning of Christmas. Will Jimmy be able to believe after A Night with St. Nick?

New Arrival for March

Kim Doll

Author: Kim Doll lives in the Ozarks with her family.

Title: Keeper of the Canines
Genre: Fantasy
Book Description: Truth. It is something we all want to believe exists, but it is something that often eludes us. Imagine for a moment that beyond Earth, intangible forces direct events as if humans were mere puppets on strings. Now imagine that the prophecy of a man returning as the savior of our planet is false, but that the redeemer is already here, embodied in a dog. Moon Shadow is that special canine. Chosen by the guardians of the Crystal plane, a Border Collie named Moon Shadow is the light to a greater truth. Teaming up with Feather, a rookie guardian angel, the two form a partnership to do battle against the evil forces of the Obsidian plane. Moon Shadow's journey takes her from the hell of a puppy mill, to life with a neglectful and abusive family, before she eventually finds freedom on the streets of a Midwestern city. After a brief taste of independence, she is captured. Her captor is a scarred and despicable man, but when she uses her new found powers to save his soul, she knows that her path of destiny has started. Moon Shadow and the Keeper of the Canines is the beginning of a saga pitting good against evil and the quintessential wake up call for humanity. Keeper of the Canines is available at Amazon.com.