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Welcome to Home Grown Books, a unique bookstore created by authors. Home Grown Books is dedicated to showcasing self-published authors. We offer readers a rare opportunity to discover new talent and to read books not found in traditional bookstores. We also provide a venue for authors to get their self-published books into the hands of the public. All the authors and artists are from or have connections to the Ozarks and represent a wide variety of genres.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Taste of the Ozarks
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From Trash to Treasure: Evolution of an Ozark Junkyard
Betty Craker Henderson

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Publish Your Book

Be eRead ePublishing
If you've written it, Brett Macomber wants to help you share it and sell it! His mission is to help authors take their first steps to self-publishing online. Be eRead publishes on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com. Assistance with Lulu.com and CreateSpace.com publishing is also available. For more information email Brett at brett.macomber@gamil.com .  

Home Grown Books Expands

Denali Dreams Gallery and Coffee Shop

We are pleased to announce Home Grown Books is partnering with Denali Dreams Gallery and Coffee Shop in Monett to offer local authors a third location in Missouri to display and sell books. The bookstore is also located in KeenBean Coffee Roasters in Mt. Vernon and Maggie Mae’s Tearoom in Miller.

Denali Dreams is a relaxing place to visit, hang out, meet your friends, and browse for a good book. Free wifi is available for laptop or smart phone users. Of course, you can also enjoy some wonderful coffee and non-coffee drinks, as well as soups, sandwiches, pastries, and ice cream while visiting the shop.

On most Fridays, Denali Dreams has live music performed by regional bands, musicians and singers. Join the fun on Karaoke or Open Mic Night. To find out more about Denali Dreams or view a schedule of upcoming events visit http://gen2shark.fineartstudioonline.com/ .

Ebook Publishing

Crimson Worx

Crimson Worx is an exclusive small-house publisher of ebooks. It is based in Fort Worth, Texas. After the headaches, expense and hoops encountered with two self-publishing companies, J.E. Dugas took matters into his own hands and started Crimson Worx. He developed a streamlined process for creating ebooks that are not only more effective, but certainly more affordable with all the perks! One set price includes an individual ISBN assignment for your book, a custom full color cover for your ebook, and online distribution availability for pay-and-download via Paypal!

Even if you already have an ebook and just need somewhere to showcase it, look no further. Crimson Worx can make it happen! 

For more information about Crimson Worx visit http://crimsonworx.com/index.html
or email J.E. at crimsonworx@gmail.com

Dilemma: Two Book Trailers

Dark Side

CC Brown

CC Brown needs your help with her first fiction book, Dark Side. The novel delves into the wildly popular world of the paranormal, taking readers on a suspense-charged ride filled with bloodthirsty vampires and extraordinary women. Two book trailers have been created for Dark Side. One is a video, and the other is a graphic book trailer. Both were produced by Destinee Day Productions. CC would like interested authors and readers to view the trailers at the two links below. The author is interested in which people like best. A place is available on the site for views to comment and leave their vote.

Video Book Trailer

Graphic Book Trailer

New Arrival

No God, No Hell, No Churches, No Saloons
Kay Rose

Author: Kay Rose is a life long resident of Liberal, Missouri. She has woven the recorded history of the town’s founding with the accounts of family members influence to create No God, No Hell, No Churches, No Saloons. This is her debut novel.

Book: No God, No Hell, No Churches, No Saloons is a compelling historical tale of love, family bonds, and the determination of a family to succeed in a town undergoing great change Mary Bouton can hardly believe anyone would want to live in a town without churches or God. But James, her young physician husband, is enthusiastic about Liberal, a new community being built in southwest Missouri. He sees an opportunity to start a medical practice, but Mary and their daughter, Bertha, are less than excited to leave the only home they have ever known. Even so, in a matter of weeks, the Bouton family is on their way to Liberal—a town that greets Christians at the depot with a sign that instructs them to get back on the train and separates Christians and “free thinkers” with a barbed wire fence. No God, No Hell, No Churches is available at amazon.com.

The Langston Saga
Carolyn Boyd
Author: Carolyn Boyd grew up in Parker County, Texas, and lived most of her life in the North Texas area depicted in her novel, The Langston Saga. Her Great-Great-Grandfather moved his family to Texas prior to the Civil War. His stories were the inspiration for The Langston Saga.

Book: The Langston Saga-Charles Langston was four when his parents died and he went to live with his Aunt Sophie. He met Ben Dunn and Ellie Sorenson, and the three forged friendships that would last their lifetimes. The Civil War leaves the South stripped of its wealth and dignity. Faced with losing everything to the carpetbaggers the Langstons sell the plantation and moved to Texas. The story that unfolds depicts the challenges and hardships they encountered while living on the raw Texas frontier.

For more information about The Langston Saga visit http://www.carolynboyd.net/index.html . The book is available at amazon.com.

Not too Late to Weep
R. Dwain Burton 

Author: R. Dwain Burton is 69 years old and has lived 59 of those years with weakened kidneys leading to renal failure. Dwain has been on home hemo-dialysis for 35 years. With his wife as caregiver, he has survived many of the enemies that attack dialysis patients. Not too Late to Weep is the story of his life.

Special note: On October 9, Dawin Burton passed away. Each and every letter typed, came with great pain to the author. His hands had been useless for many years. He wrote his book with his left hand, one finger, and one letter at a time. He was forced to use a magnifying glass to see. As you read, you will find errors in spelling and punctuation. The family chose not to change what Dawin had struggled to write as a tribute to the author’s determination to share his story.

Book: Not too Late to Weep is the story of a boy who faces insurmountable trials as he grows into manhood and yet somehow manages to overcome them without tears. Weakened by kidney disease the boy, and later the man, tries to compete in a world that is alien to him. He lets the written pages record his life spent struggling with the disease: the beautiful and the ugly, the gains and the losses, and the unforgiving and the forgiven. The book is available at amazon.com.

Let Yesterday Go
Lucinda Mills

Author: Lucinda Mills lives in the Ozarks with her family. In her book, Lucinda shares her heartrending story of survival and ultimately triumph over the abuse she suffered as a child.

Book: Let Yesterday Go-Murderer, pedophile, and church deacon are some of the words that characterize Lucinda's father. From the age of seven to the age of eighteen, she lived in fear of her father. The very man who was supposed to love and protect her was the one who robbed her of her innocence. Years later, Lucinda was still dealing with the aftermath of the abuse. The hatred for her father, and the baggage she carried affected every aspect of her life, even her relationship with God.

For more information about the author and her book visit http://lucindamills.tateauthor.com. The book is available at amazon.com.

The Monday Night Flight Club
Joyce Grubbs
Author: Joyce Grubbs has had many intriguing experiences with politicians, criminals, and being privy to the integral workings of the "shadow world" that exists around us in our cities. Joyce drew from her experience with the underground relocation and protection services for victims of rape/sexual assault and domestic violence when writing her novels. She has completed eight novels (romantic/suspense and mystery/suspense). All eight are available at amazon.com. Her novels are stand-alone books but are known collectively as the Greyhound Lady Walking series.

Book:The Monday Night flight Club-At just eighteen, Presley finds her Prince Charming, Bristol, who whisks her off to England. Presley soon discovers, however, that her prince is really a beast, who repeatedly abuses her. Presley finally escapes, and she has grown from her hardship. She now helps other abused women escape their abusers, by establishing the "Monday Night Flight Club." Her ex-husband, however, is determined to have revenge, by taking Presley's new life apart. Will the obsessive hate of one man prevail? Or, can a group of people, brought together by adversity, use their love to conquer all?

Other books written by Joyce Grubbs are The Wrong/Strong Side of the Tracks, Jason’s Love is W.A.R, Mysteries of the Dogwood Diaries, and Greyhound Lady Walking
All the books are available at amazon.com.