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Friday, May 31, 2013

New Arrivals for May


Marilyn Mueller Stewart, author of Bunnykins and Thank You God for Everything!: Gracias a Dios Por Todo joined Home Grown Books in May.  Both of Marilyn’s books are available at Amazon.com.   

Author: Marilyn J. Mueller was born and raised in Imperial, Missouri. Her parents and grandparents owned and operated a family restaurant and bowling lanes there called the Welcome Inn Lanes. She has lived in Springfield, Missouri, for the past twelve years, where she is now semi-retired.

An entrepreneur, Marilyn went from being an executive secretary to owning and operating a used car business for twelve years in Imperial. Later she owned and operated an employment agency in St. Louis.

Marilyn's experience is not confined to the workplace. She taught Bible school at Rock Presbyterian Church in Imperial, where she also promoted the local Elks' charity events. She lived in Europe for two years, where she met President Truman in the Coliseum. Marilyn speaks Italian, since she lived in Italy, but she is of French, German, and English descent. An artist by nature, her hobbies include writing, painting, sewing, knitting, decorating, and cooking.

Title: Bunnykins
Genre: Children’s Book
Book Description: Bunnykins is a real rabbit! Marilyn lives in Springfield, Missouri, and her home is located between two parks. Her book Bunnykins was inspired by a precious little rabbit who visited her daily, however, the embellishments of his accomplishments are solely the imagination of the author!

Title: Thank You God for Everything!: Gracias a Dios Por Todo
Genre: Children’s Book
Book Description: Thank You God for Everything!: Gracias a Dios Por Todo is an ABC coloring book in both English and Spanish.

Put Your Eatin’ Britches On

Author: Harriett Ford is a veteran reporter/columnist for the Rockford Labor News in Rockford, Illinois. She has written the popular Sara and Sadie's Sense and Nonsense, an advice and humor column appearing weekly in the Labor News since 1990. She currently resides in Missouri. She has written several novels including Frankly Madame and Shadow in the Rain.

Title: Put Your Eatin’ Britches On
Genre: Cookbook
Book Description: More than recipes, peppered with laughter from the “saucy” houmor columnist Harriett, this fun read, Put Your Eatin’ Britches On, is a fundraiser for Jacobs House@ Thunder Ranch, an amazing private placement children’s home, located in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.  Put Your Eatin’ Britches On can be ordered by contacting www.jacobshouse.org or harrietf@centurytel.net.

Wet, Wild & Woodsy

Authors: Carolyn Craig, Kathy Brown, and Schyrlet Cameron live in the Ozarks with their families. Carolyn and Schyrlet have published over 20 resources books for middle school teachers. The three have also published one fiction book, Dark Side in 2011.

Title: Wet, Wild, & Woodsy
Genre: Cookbook
Book Description: Wet, Wild & Woodsy is a wild game cookbook offering a complete collection of recipes that are easy to prepare and taste great such as roast venison, rabbit sliders, and grilled catfish tacos. The cookbook can be ordered by contacting homegrownbookstore@yahoo.com.

Our Electric Emotions

Author: Susie Macomber is a native Missourian and has lived in Springfield for most of her thirty-eight years of marriage. She has three grown children. She loves being a homemaker and caring for her mini-greenhouse and large yard full of beautiful plants. She is a volunteer teacher and works in the community in areas dealing with education and health.  Susie’s first book, Into Fear and Back, is the true story of her thirty year struggle with Generalized Anxieties Disorder (GAD), and how she conquered it without prescription drugs. Her second book is Our Electric Emotions.  Both books are available at Amazon.com.

Title: Our Electric Emotions
Genre: Non-fiction/True Life
Book Description: New research is coming to light that mental/emotional illnesses are caused by an electrical imbalance in a person's nervous system. Reversal of these disorders is possible by addressing the nutritional deficiencies that cause the electrical imbalances.  The author of Our Electric Emotions has used this means to reverse generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in herself and many others.

Manna 2 & 3, Better Than Take Out

Author: When creating the MeMa's Manna Cookbook series, author and cook Mary Boll collected recipes that delighted family and friends from northern Missouri down to the entertainment Mecca of Branson, Missouri.

Title: Manna 2 & 3, Better Than Take
Genre: Cookbook
Book Description: 675 regular & low sugar/low fat recipes that are quick and easy. Available at Amazon.com.