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Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Arrivals for April

I Choose this Day:
Mournings and Miracles of Adoption
Sharon Fieker Cummins

Author: Author Sharon Fieker is a volunteer at the Pregnancy Care Center in Springfield, Missouri. Her education includes a B.S. in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Sociology. She co-founded Adoption Triad of the Ozarks, a support group for anyone touched by adoption. She and her husband live in Springfield, Missouri. They enjoy traveling and spending time with their children and grandchildren, their families, and their friends.

Title: I Choose this Day: Mournings and Miracles of Adoption
Genre: Nonfiction/True Life/Inspirational
Book: Have you faced a difficult decision concerning an unexpected pregnancy? Sharon Fieker Cummins uses I Choose this Day: Mournings and Miracles of Adoption to convey how the circumstances of the darkest period in her life evolved into the brightest time. She includes the challenges and blessings surrounding her pregnancy. The heartache of "not knowing" what happened to her baby and the beautiful story that unfolds as she meets her birth daughter are inspirational. When going through difficult times, Sharon sometimes wondered how God could allow such troubling things to happen. Her story demonstrates how He had a plan for her--one filled with hope. He also allowed her free will to make her own choices. If you're facing or have faced an unplanned pregnancy, you will benefit from reading I Choose this Day: Mournings and Miracles of Adoption. This book is available at amazon.com.

More New Arrivals for March

No Paved Road to Freedom
Sharon Rushton

Author: Veteran freelance writer Sharon Rushton has been honored with numerous awards throughout her career. Her magazine articles have appeared in U.S. and Canadian publications. Originally from Colorado, she lives on Table Rock Lake in Missouri with her husband and two dogs.

Title: No Paved Road To Freedom
Genre: Nonfiction/True Life/Inspirational
Book: No Paved Road To Freedom is a gripping and emotional story that humanizes the impact of communist occupation in Romania after World War II. It is relevant, it inspires, and it reminds us that freedom is precious. Based on a true story, it documents the extraordinary courage of Cornel Dolana and his family as they pay an incredible price for resisting communism. Cornel makes up his mind to escape the oppression and uses his ingenuity to put his plan in place. His fortitude keeps him moving toward his goal, despite enduring enormous setbacks, brutality, and extreme outdoor elements that few humans could survive. No Paved Road To Freedom is available at amazon.com.

The Military Writers Society of America selected No Paved Road To Freedom as their Book of the Month for February 2012.

Christian Devotional and Study Guide
Carol Levergood

Author: Carol is a member of CLAS Seminar and is an author and speaker. Carol and her husband, Bill, were missionaries for 21 years in Brazil, South America. They are currently at the Baptist Bible College of Springfield, Missouri where Bill is Dean of Students. They are currently on staff at Cherry Street Baptist Church where Carol and her family are charter members.

Carol Levergood found writing devotionals a fun way helped her cope with the difficult situations surrounding life and missionary work in South America. Some situations not so humorous and were in fact very dangerous, such as facing the Brazilian mafia, robbed of everything they owned, and many deaths of friends on the Brazilian highways.

Titles: Sliced, Diced, and Mashed “Son" Ripened, I'm Going Bananas, A Banana With No A "Peel," Fried Green Bananas, Piece of Cake, and Whatever Floats Your Boat.
Genre: Nonfiction/True Life/Inspirational
Book: Carol Levergood has written a series of books unlike anything you have read before. Each book is a women’s directional devotions study guide. The unifying banana theme, presents humorous anecdotes that touch the mind and sprit. With a tropical flavor inspirited by her years as a missionary in South America, she wrote, Sliced Diced, and Mashed  "Son" Ripened, I'm Going Bananas, A Banana With No A "Peel," Fried Green Bananas, Piece of Cake, and her newest book,  'Whatever Floats Your Boat. For a look at all of Carol Levergood’s books visit http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/blevergood .

Wheezer and the Painted Frog
Kitty Sutton
Author: Kitty Sutton was born Kathleen Kelley to a Cherokee/Irish family. Both sides of her family were from performing families in Kansas City, Missouri and Kitty was trained from an early age in dance, vocal, art and musical instruments. Her father was a Naval band leader. During the Great Depression, her mother helped to support her family by tap dancing in the speakeasies even though she was just a child; she was very tall for her age but made up like an adult. Kitty had music and art on all sides of her family which ultimately helped to feed her imaginative mind and desire to succeed.

Kitty married a Cherokee artist from Oklahoma, in fact the very area that she writes about in her Wheezer series of novels. After raising her family, Kitty came to Branson, Missouri and performed in her own one woman show there for twelve years. To honor her father, she performed under the name Kitty Kelley. She has three music albums and several original songs to her credit and is best known for her comical, feel good song called, “It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings.” Kitty has been writing for many years and in 2011 Inknbeans published her historical Native American murder mystery. First in a line of stories featuring Wheezer, a Jack Russell Terrier and his Cherokee friend, Sasa, it is called, Wheezer And The Painted Frog. Kitty lives in the southwestern corner of Missouri near Branson with her husband of 40 years and her three Jack Russell Terriers, one of which is the real and wonderful Wheezer.

Title: Wheezer and the Painted Frog
Genre: Historical Fiction/Adventure
Book: From the time Europeans landed in North America, the People were forced out of the land they had known for generations. By the nineteenth century, the United States had pushed them into the remote and undeveloped area known as Indian Territory and promised them food and protection that never came. Plagued by the loss of their ability to farm and hunt, the lack of food and shelter, the disease brought by the White Man, every tribe suffered losses so great only the memories of the survivors could document the dead. This story, taking place among the Cherokee after the Trail of Tears, is a story for all the People.

Wheezer and the Painted Frog is at once joyous and heartbreaking. You will ache for the suffering, be outraged by the wrongs, fascinated by the way of life, identify with Sasa, and above all you will love Wheezer. You will look for his spirit in every dog you meet! Wheezer and the Painted Frog is available at amazon.com.