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Friday, February 7, 2014

Go Digital

To effectively promote your book, make sure that you have a website and a blog, plus some social networking profiles (Facebook and Twitter are most popular, but for some books LinkedIn or Pinterest may be a better fit). Make sure you schedule some time every day to engage with people. 

Join the Websites Below- They are free websites that will list your book, author bio, and book events. Just  join and follow the directions for posting  information. Very easy!

A.   goodreads.com
B.   authorcentral.com
C.   authorsden.com
D.   shelfari.com

Top 10 Book Promotion Strategies

1.    Social networking and social media: 94 percent
2.    Blogging: 84 percent
3.    Seeking book reviews: 75 percent
4.    Seeking testimonials and endorsements: 73 percent
5.    Press releases: 68 percent
6.    Email marketing: 62 percent
7.    Radio and television talk shows: 62 percent
8.    Speaking events: 60 percent
9.    Article marketing: 57 percent
10. Book signings: 56 percent