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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Suspense in the Persian Gulf

Six Faces: Six Chances to Win
 Author: David Hailstone is a pseudonym for David Lindsey, who has lived in Europe for fourteen years and now reside in Southwest Missouri. David is a former Marine captain, who served in a helicopter squadron during the Vietnam War. Virginia is a professional musician and writer. The novel was inspired by the lives of real people they met, including soldiers who were on the front lines of the Persian Gulf War, as well as civilians who had lived and worked in Kuwait for several years before the war, some of whom were caught up in the invasion and barely escaped with their lives.

Title: Six Faces: Six Chances to Win
Genre: Historical Fiction
Description: Kuwait City in the fall of 1989, a year before the Persian Gulf War begins, is the setting for Six Faces. The story develops a friendship between two American expatriates and former Marines living in Kuwait. One has just arrived to teach at an international high school, while the other is married to an Assyrian woman and has called Kuwait City his home for many years. A partnership is formed between the two when the older man shows the new guy in town how to win big money shooting craps in private games. Always using the laws of probability to their advantage, the men are consistent winners. During this time, the younger man falls in love with the Australian ambassador's daughter and they plan to marry. When Kuwait is invaded in August 1990, the men find themselves chained to artillery pieces as human shields on enemy lines. They scramble to find a way to safety, only to be forced into setting up a private game for a gang of marauders just as the Allied Forces are about to invade the city. After teaching the soldiers of fortune how to play craps, the men work their way into this once-in-a-lifetime game where millions of dollars worth of stolen property is on the table. The dramatic outcome of the game and their planned retribution against their oppressors bring the story to its exciting conclusion.

Facts pertaining to the Persian Gulf War within this novel are historically accurate. No reference to any living person who was a part of these events is intended. However, this story was inspired by the lives of real people, including soldiers who were on the front lines of the war, as well as civilians who had lived and worked in Kuwait before the war, some of whom were caught up in the invasion and barely escaped with their lives.
Six Faces is available on at amazon.com.

Just in Time for Gift Giving!!!!

Wet, Wild & Woodsy
Cookbook for the Sportsman

Authors: The three authors, Carolyn Craig, Kathy Brown, and Schyrlet Cameron, live in the Ozarks with their families.

Title: Wet, Wild & Woodsy
Genre: Wild Game Cookbook
Book: This wild game cookbook offers a complete collection of recipes that are easy to prepare and taste great. The three authors, Carolyn Craig, Kathy Brown, and Schyrlet Cameron, share over 400 of their families’ favorite recipes, such as roast venison and elk steak smothered in mushrooms. They have also included an assortment of their more unique recipes, such as armadillo meatballs, opossum casserole, and rattlesnake kabobs. Wet, Wild & Woodsy is available at amazon.com.

New Arrival for November

Donald Richardson

Author: Sgt. Donald Richardson is a retired trooper with Missouri State Highway Patrol. He has dedicated years to researching and writing the true story of the shootings of Trooper Victor O. Dosing and Trooper Sam Graham at the Coffee Pot Traven southeast of Springfield, Missouri, December 7, 1941. All profits from his book, “Don’t Eat My Pie, Squirt,” are donated to the Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society (MASTERS). “The MASTERS” fund provides financial aid to a trooper’s immediate surviving family members if the trooper is killed in the line of duty.

Title: “Don’t Eat My Pie, Squirt”
Genre: Nonfiction/True Life
Book: The attach on Pearl harbor was not the only tragedy on December 7, 1941, for the Missouri State Highway patrol family and the citizens of Missouri. About 15 minutes after the attack began at Pearl Harbor, Trooper Victor O. Dosing was killed and trooper Sam Graham was critically wound by Milan James Nedimovich at  the Coffee Pot Tavern southeast of Springfield, Missouri. This book is the true story of the event. The book is available at all Home Grown Books locations, ABC Books in Springfield, Missouri, and Home Town Pharmacy in Mt. Vernon, Missouri.

New Arrival for November

Velma Merritt

Author: Velma Merritt loves to write and read Christian romances. As a teacher and speaker as well as a writer, she communicates the vastness of God's love. Her interest in Christian romance began when she met and married her college sweetheart, who kept her life an adventure. While raising three children, they lived in seventeen different areas, including two European countries and four states. Today Velma lives in the Ozarks. In addition to Christian romance, her interests include travel, gardening, and her beloved pets.

Title: River of Love
Genre: Fiction/Christian Romance
Book: Meg, a teacher on summer break, plans to have a relaxing summer working at River's View Resort. Can she endure the summer working with the new manager who irritates and fascinates her? As she begins to love, can she survive losing James, a man she can never have-or is love even possible? The book is available at amazon.com.

New Arrival for November

Author: Michelle Higgins
Illustrator: Daughter, Rebecca Mendenall

I am very proud to share my mother’s story with you. Grandma Mary Slade passed away this February, 2013 and was so proud to see this little book go to print. She was a blessed lady with a big heart and love for her family and friends.

It is my honor, as her daughter, to open up her world to you. Acre the Mouse has many more books to come – let us journey together in reading, and educating ourselves on how to better our environment. 

Where did the story of Acre the mouse come from?

Acre the Mouse is a Heritage Story, handed down from Grandma Mary Slade to her

granddaughters, Kaylee Higgins and Rebecca Mendenall. Grandma Mary would tell each girl the story of this mouse before putting them to bed. This is a 20 year old story, and carefully put together into a beautiful book for children

Grandma Mary Slade loved to plant beautiful flowers and gardens and used special soil. She was able to create this soil by recycling her food scraps and putting them into her dirt and mixing them together, just like Acre the Mouse, and making special healthy soil.

Grandma Mary Slade taught her daughter and her grandchildren how to recycle at an early age. She was very conscious of the environment and how precious that it was to her family. She grew gardens, recycled her food scraps, and was great at teaching others to care for the beautiful earth. Acre the Little Mouse and the Special Garden is available at http://www.friendswithacre.org/.

New Arrivals for October

CC Brown

Author: CC Brown is the pseudonym adopted by the three authors: Schyrlet Cameron, Carolyn Craig, and Kathy Brown. The authors have published two novels in the Dark Side Series: Black Widow Society and Wolf Stone. The women live in the Ozarks with their families. Both books are available at amazon.com. Visit their website at www.ccbrownbooks.com.

Title: Black Widow Society
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy Romance
Book: The sacred relic of the undead . . . the Vampire Bible has fallen into the hands of a paranormal-artifact dealer. An eBay bid and an annual vacation lead Koleen O’Brien and her five friends to San Antonio to deliver the book to a wealthy Texan. They are clueless to the fact that a pack of blood-thirsty vampires are stalking them to reclaim the Bible. Immortals meet their match as they discover that these women aren’t typical mortals; they're members of the Black Widow Society!

Title: Wolf Stone
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy Romance
Book: Just when Dmitri thought nothing could stop him from executing his plan to become king of the shapeshifters enters sexy Mona Dix. The sacred relic of the werewolf nation, the Wolf Stone, has fallen into her hands. With the possession of the stone comes the power to dominate and rule the thirteen werewolf tribes. Vacationing on the Oregon coast in the rugged terrain of the redwood forest, Mona and her friends are unaware of Dmitri and his pack of ancient wolves in hot pursuit to retrieve the precious stone. For the first time, Dmitri meets a woman who is more than a match for his supernatural powers and strong will. She is a Black Widow and a member of the Society.