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Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Arrival for November

Author: Michelle Higgins
Illustrator: Daughter, Rebecca Mendenall

I am very proud to share my mother’s story with you. Grandma Mary Slade passed away this February, 2013 and was so proud to see this little book go to print. She was a blessed lady with a big heart and love for her family and friends.

It is my honor, as her daughter, to open up her world to you. Acre the Mouse has many more books to come – let us journey together in reading, and educating ourselves on how to better our environment. 

Where did the story of Acre the mouse come from?

Acre the Mouse is a Heritage Story, handed down from Grandma Mary Slade to her

granddaughters, Kaylee Higgins and Rebecca Mendenall. Grandma Mary would tell each girl the story of this mouse before putting them to bed. This is a 20 year old story, and carefully put together into a beautiful book for children

Grandma Mary Slade loved to plant beautiful flowers and gardens and used special soil. She was able to create this soil by recycling her food scraps and putting them into her dirt and mixing them together, just like Acre the Mouse, and making special healthy soil.

Grandma Mary Slade taught her daughter and her grandchildren how to recycle at an early age. She was very conscious of the environment and how precious that it was to her family. She grew gardens, recycled her food scraps, and was great at teaching others to care for the beautiful earth. Acre the Little Mouse and the Special Garden is available at http://www.friendswithacre.org/.

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