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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Arrival

Temptation with Luggage
Sandy Shell

Author: Sandy Shell likes telling others about Jesus and His role in every day life. She is from a town surrounded by the natural beauty of the Ozarks. A large robust family fills her days as well as a cherished group called The Ozark Prairie Quilters. It’s amazing she finds time for sharing garden plants, staying fit with friends, plus cooking fast and fun meals. Sandy has traveled for years and is happy to return to the Midwest where she plans to write more of the sort of books she likes to read.  Website: http://sandyshell.com/

Book: Judy Hampton just moved back to her hometown and is still trying to unpack her household goods, reconnect with friends and deal with her past. She is a sensible person, a thoroughly disciplined Capricorn with frugal tendencies in the areas she picks to be prudent in. Single again, she plans to move smoothly into this subsequent chapter of her life. What Judy needs next is employment and not unleashed emotions that have been tucked away. Her celibate days have her unprepared for sexy Simon Riverson when he washes into her garage and into her temptations on a damp, rainy morning. Temptation with Luggage is now available on amazon.com.

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