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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Arrival

The Legend of the Golden Huaca
Colleen Tucker

Author: Colleen Tucker worked as a secretary with the F.B.I., taught course at Huff College, was a court reporter certified in Federal and Circuit courts and owned a court reporting agency. In later years, she was a talent and casting agent, working on television shows such as America’s Most Wanted, Unsolved Mysteries, movies Ozark Lends and Legacy at IMAX, A Place To Grow, as well as commercials for Silver Dollar City and Missouri Travel Tourism.

Book: Tom and his son, David, get lost while hunting. They find ancient carvings on a rock. They believed the carvings may be tired to the legend of a Spanish treasure hidden in remote caves of the Arkansas Ozarks. David’s father sets off to search for a way home and disappears.  After months of searching for his father, David is joined by three college friends and an intuitive Chihuahua.  Their mysterious adventure lead to the discovery of the Legend of the Golden Huaca. For a copy of The legend of the Golden Huaca, contact the author at her email address: colleen40quail@yahoo.comwww.


  1. Welcome to Home Grown Books, Colleen! This is one more connection we have.

  2. Hey! Just picked this up at Denali Dreams in Monett, looking forward to reading it. Home Grown Books is a great idea!