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Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Arrival

Simple Science Object Talks
Super Fun Science
Heno Head, Jr.

Author: Heno Head, Jr. combines his love for God with his knowledge of science to reach the hearts of kids. Heno lives in the Ozarks and is a retired high school science teacher. He now visits area churches with his God Rules program in which he combines science experiments and bible teaching in ways that captures kids’ attention

Books: Simple Science Object Talks and Super Fun Science presents bible truths in a way kids will never forget! These simple-to-do demonstrations illustrate bible concepts and bible stories in fun, fascinating ways. Common objects from your kitchen craft basket or tool chest will turn lessons into ‘wow’ memories for kids.

Other books authored by Heno Head are God Made Our Bodies, God Made Outer Space, God Made Dinosaurs, Ozark Tales and Trails: A Coloring Book, and Camp Barnabas. For more information about the author’s books or presentations, contact Heno Head at zoocroo@suddenlink.net .

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