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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Arrival for March

Indian Point Short Stories: 1895-2005
Arno Wehr

Author: Arno Wehr attended Lane Techni­cal High School where he attempted to write many school newspaper articles without errors. He didn't. In college his writing skills did not adjust to Bradley University's standards so he gave up writing to be a storyteller. During college, he decided to become a singer. One evening, Arno was watching John Davidson singing on the the Kraft Music Theatre television program. Arno's father turned and said, "Son, you will want to finish your engineering degree." So basic degrees in engineering and management led to more advanced studies and corporate experiences.

Then came the visit to Table Rock Lake of Branson, Missouri. Arno and his family bought the Tribesman Resort at Indian Point on the lake. He has been an active community member for the past 30 years.

Book: Indian Point Short Stories-For over the past three decades, Indian Point has been Arno Wehr’s home. In that time, it became obvious to him that living on the end of a peninsula was a lot like island living. When it is time to shop, a peninsula resident checks the weather, considers the distance of the service they seek, and then selects a vehicle based on the weather conditions. Islanders have waves to consider as well as the height of their tides before they select a boat to go forth. On Indian point, the traffic patterns are like the tides. If you go against the tide, unlike in boating, we get somewhere. Going with the tide, well that's the subject of another story.

It is hoped that the reader will enjoy some of the local lore of Indian Point. Maybe you will recognize a few names and places. The folks in the stories positively helped this three-mile long piece of land become a great place to live. Indian Point Short Stories is available at any of the four Home Grown Bookstore locations or by contacting the author at arnoii@yahoo.com.

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