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Friday, September 28, 2012

New Arrival for October

Yama the Llama
Karla Lowe-Phelps

Author: Karla Lowe-Phelps, the author of the Yama the Llama series, loves working with her husband, Russel on their cattle ranch in Southwest Missouri. Together they raise registered Black Angus for breeding stock. Her favorite times of the year are Spring and Fall when the calves are born. She says, "It is so much fun to watch new calves run through the pastures, almost as much fun as watching the antics of new kittens in the barn!"

She and Russel have traveled nationally and internationally, meeting people and llamas in as varied places as Conway, Missouri and Belo Horizonte, Brazil! Karla was surprised to meet llamas in Australia. She especially adored one llama named Hannah, who was very loving and who inspired the drawings of Yama.

Karla is passionate about children. She believes that showing children that they are the beloved creation of God is as essential to their growth as good nutrition. She and Russel raised three sons who are, now, the fathers of their 5 grandchildren. They have also supported eight children through ChildFund. Yama the Llama is dedicated to her grandchildren and the children of ChildFund. A portion of every book sold goes to support the health and education of Third World mothers and children.

Karla is a registered nurse. She uses her skills and knowledge as a volunteer with her church in the both children's and health ministries, International Volunteers in Mission, Red Cross and school nursing.

Title: Yama the Llama off to Bethlehem and Yama the Llama off to Jerusalem
Genre: Children/Christian
Description: Yama the Llama series: These books beautifully tell of two great event: the birth and death of Jesus. Simply written from the heart, it relates the journey of Yama the little llama, whose own pure and trusting heart takes him on the grandest of quests. Children will be captivated by this simple tale. A sweet treat for the coming season - with a warm message at the center. Both books are available at Amazon.com.

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