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Friday, October 10, 2014

New Arrival for October

Rick Mapson
Christian Author
Author: Rick Mapson is a father of four and Grandfather of three. Rick has always been a story teller, especially with his kids. At church he was the Children’s Church leader for several years and usually told stories to emphasize the lesson. Over fifteen years ago, he started writing down some of those stories. Both children and parents enjoy the creativity and depth of his stories which are now becoming available to the public. Rick and his wife live on 10 acres in Miller, Missouri with their cats, dogs, and chickens.

Title: Seeing Clearly: A View from Heaven
Genre: Fiction/Christian
Description:  "What happens when you die?" The words burst out of young Matthew's mouth louder than he intended. This is the start of Matthew Peterson's journey. Like all of us he wanted to know the unknowable. Like many of us, he lets life's ride consume him, helping him ignore the truth that someday it will end.

Matthew dies and starts his journey to life as he sojourns to heaven. In heaven nature comes alive to welcome him home. The knots of life unwind as he becomes close friends with a carpenter who helps him on his voyage to understand, to know, and be known. The book is available at amazon.com.

Title: The Coffin Train
Genre: Fiction/Christian
Description: Join Dede Ray as he goes to see his first “Coffin Train”. The Coffin Train was a yearly occurrence in the South African village of Dara Lee. That was ten years ago before the Seven-Year-War. Anyone who could afford it would have an elaborate coffin built to show off their final resting place to the world. That was the tradition. Tomorrow would be a little different. The book is available at amazon.com.

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