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Thursday, September 15, 2011


New Forums Press Seeking Submissions

New Forums Press is looking for regional book-length fiction devoted Oklahoma and surrounding states. The fiction line is focused on region, and they are looking for manuscripts that depict life in Oklahoma and its neighboring states. While this depiction may include historical fiction, they are also interested in characters and storylines that portray the region’s current lifestyle and circumstances, such as economy, technology, and societal shifts. They are looking for literary characters with whom readers can identify, and share the experiences of what it’s like to live and/or work in this region during a specific time.

Submission Guidelines
Submit work to P.O. Box 876, Stillwater, OK 74076. All submissions must be accompanied by an SASE and a cover letter. E-mail submissions are also accepted. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please notify us immediately through e-mail or phone if your work should be accepted elsewhere.

All submissions must be 12 font size, Arial or Times New Roman, 1.5 or double spaced, with the author’s name and word count specified on each page. We encourage authors to polish their work before submitting, as work that has many errors will be returned and asked to be edited before re-submission.

Email New Forums Press at fiction@newforums.com

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