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Friday, September 2, 2011

New Arrival

Ronald Powell Joins Home Grown Books

Book: South Through Bare Foot Pass is a collection of short stories of facts, fiction, and folktales of a journey across the Ozarks and beyond, remnants of bygone days in this great country and its people.

Author: I was born on a cold, windswept morning, October 21, 1935. I shared my birth with my twin brother, Donnie. We were a fragile pair, weighing at approximately 2 lbs 5 ounces each. Born at seven months and not expected to live through the day. If not for the warmth of a wood burning stove and the infinite kindness and wisdom of a neighbor woman, we would surely have perished. The old homestead farm lay along the south bank of the Dousinberry Creek, three miles south of Long Lane, Missouri. This beautiful part of the Ozarks became my playground. Early in life I developed a deep appreciation for the land, its people and the rich heritage that has led me many times into the past. I retired 18 years ago from the Missouri Department of Conservation. I am now a woodcarver, an artist in oil paintings, and writer.

Other books by Ronnie Powell include Tiddleson, Son of Tiddle, A Strange in London Smoke, and Life along the Dousinberry. To learn more about Ronald Powell and his books visit his blog at  http://souththroughbarefootpass.blogspot.com    

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