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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Arrival for December

Helpful Household Hints

Kathy Brown and Schyrlet Cameron

Authors: Kathy Brown and Schyrlet Cameron are sisters. They both live in the Ozark hills with their husbands. They hope you will share the helpful hints and tips found in this book with friends and family.

Title: Helpful Household Hints
Genre: Nonfiction
Description: Helpful Household Hints is a treasure trove of practical advice learned at Grandma's knee.  It is packed with shortcuts, practical advice, ingenious ideas, how-to information, and hundreds of great ideas all designed to save time and trouble.

·         Page after page of useful tips provide busy mothers with quick-fixes and shortcuts for cleaning, cooking, laundry, and more!
·         A time-saving and cost-saving guide; you'll find yourself keeping it within easy reach.
·         A nice gift that is helpful all year long!  Great for stocking stuffer, a must have book for new brides or new mothers, and great graduation gifts for young adult going off to college.

Household Helpful Hints is available at Home Grown Books stores or by contacting Schyrlet Cameron at cschyrlet@yahoo.com.

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