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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Arrival For December

Footsteps Out of Darkness
The Annabelle Kindig Story

Authors:  Annabelle Kindig Miglia wrote Footsteps Out of Darkness with author Joyce Godwin Grubbs. Her true story is  one of survival and braver after being kidnapped along with her friend Jessica Shaffner in 1972.

Title: Footsteps Out of Darkness
Genre: Nonfiction/TureLife
Book: Annabelle Kindig lived life as an unremarkable ten-year-old girl in the scheme of things. She was a typical American girl next door with a new friend, Jessica Schaffner. On this day, Annabelle s 11th birthday, life could not get any better. Her party had exceeded expectations and now she was walking her good friend half way home five blocks while reminiscing. The girls had the giggles despite the cold weather and snow they trudged through. When the motor home pulled alongside them they laughed as they acknowledged to each other they had seen the driver earlier and it was a man, dressed as a woman in a wig. Their entertainment at that moment never allowed for a red flag or for a moment of concern. This was a perfect day. Annabelle and Jessica never knew they were at a fork in the road as the motor home eased to the curb. Their next steps would forever change their lives and it would not be until Annabelle was fifty, that the entire story would be known and told. This is because the events of that day were not the story but the beginning of a journey; to heal and become whole. Indeed, Annabelle Kindig s story could not be told until now; first, she had to live it.

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