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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Arrival for June

Ben Reed

Truth with Stretch Marks

 Author: Ben Reed grew up and has grown old in the farming communities surrounding Lamar, Missouri. He was brought up poor and is grateful to have maintained that financial status. He has lived in a house with no indoor facilities, attended a one room school, been run over by cows before “Mad Cow” was determined to be a disease and has spent sixteen hour long days behind a tractor just thinking about noting else except the funny side of live.

Title: Truth with Stretch Marks
Genre: True Life/Humor 
Book: This book is an assortment of humorous stories that have only gotten better with age. Some may ask if they are event true. If allowances are made for just a tad bit of stretchin,’ the answer will always be “Well of course they are . . . for the most part anyway.”  Truth with Stretch Marks is available by contacting Ben at ben.reed@swed.mo.gov . All proceeds from book sales goes to the Brad Reed Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Author’s Note: Ben hopes by revealing his own comical perils of life, the reader’s memories will be jogged of similar amusing events of their own lifetime. As the saying goes, “We’ll look back on this and laugh one of these days,” . . . well this is one of those days.

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