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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Arrival for December

When the Stars Fall Down
Pat Lamb

Author: Pat Lamb has taught in churches and schools at all age and grade levels since she was in the seventh grade. Pat and her husband, Keith, lived for many years on the Navajo reservation assisting the Navajo people. Pat is a graduate of Missouri University. She has been included in Who’s Who of American Education and was awarded the Missouri distinguished Adult Education Service Award. Pat currently resides in Missouri, with her husband, and writes a weekly column for local newspapers titled “Train up a child.”

Title: When the Stars Fall Down
Genre: Nonfiction/True-life/Inspirational
Description:  Mrs. Lamb, spring is here?" The second grader looked up and asked as I stood holding the door with all my strength against the wind and sand. The Navajo children were filing back to the dorm from the classrooms.

How sad, I thought.

Back home in Missouri, the first sign of spring was robins chirping and hopping about in the yard, but here, on the Navajo reservation, a sandstorm was the first sign of spring. As I stood holding the door, my words of greeting to the children seemed to be whisked right out of my mouth and flung swiftly away. Was our work among the American Indians like the words that couldn't be discerned in the howling wind? Were all of our efforts no more than Talking into the Wind?

As a young woman, I had come to the reservation feeling that God wanted me to be of help to the American Indian people. I had miraculously met the man with whom I was to spend more than half a century, and the two of us wanted to do all we could to help the people who seemed so needy. There were many times, however, when we felt our efforts were futile. We learned, however, that God does not judge us by our results, but rather by our love for him and our brothers. When the Stars Fall Down is available at amazon.com.

Other books by Pat Lamb are Let the Children Come and Let the Children Come to Me.  Both books are weekly lesson guides that encourage children to grown in their relationship with God. The two books are a wonder resource for Sunday school teachers, parents, and grandparents. Let the Children Come and Let the Children Come to Me are both available at amazon.com.

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