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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Promotional Ideas

OK, time for our tough love speech! Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It is not an excuse to say, “Well, I’m computer challenged or I don’t know how to do that.” Hey, you are an author; you wrote a book and took the bold steps to get it published! You didn’t know how to do these things either when you started out. If you want to be successful at this game, you have to try new things and learn new skills, even if that includes technology. It is your book and your success, so don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet.

Audio Book
Create an audio version of your book. Very easy to do! One of our authors, Rick East, followed our advice and created an audio book for his book, A Glimpse of Glory-My Jouney to heaven and Back. Here is the link you will need if you wish to use Amazon's Audible.com for turning your print book into audio: http://www.acx.com/ . The site finds a person to read your book. The audio book is then offered through Amazon.com for sale. This site pays you royalties for sales. There is no cost for the service, but you have to pay the reader or share profits. Rick said he would be happy to talk to anyone interested in creating an audio of their book. Contact: Rick East 417-866-0010.

To hear an excerpt from Rick’s  audiobook, "A Glimpse of Glory - My Journey to Heaven and Back", click on this  web site.

Below the picture there is an arrow you can click on that says "Listen - Play Sample".

Amazon Book and ebook Publishing.
Please, do not pay big bucks to a company to publish your book. Publish yourself through Amazons publishing division called createspace.com. You can buy your books through them at a very low price. You do not have to buy large qualities to resell either. Your book is placed on amazon.com for sale. If someone orders a book on amazon.com, amazon mails the book. This site pays you royalties for sales. If you can not do this on you own, Richard Snelson, one of our authors, can do this for a very small fee. He has provided this serve for several of our authors. Contact: Richard Snelson at rsnelson0984@mchsi.com.

Smashwords  Ebook Sales
Put your book on Smashwords.com. This is an ebook sale site. Brett Macomber, our website tech guy, can do this for you for a very small fee. He did it for us. This site pays you royalties for sales.  Contact: Brett Macomber at brett.macomber@gmail.com

Create a Book Blog
We started our blog at blogspot.com. It is just a matter of setting up an account (no cost) exploring the site and trying it out. You get to pick background, font, format, etc. If you chose something and don’t like it, you can delete and start over. Once you have the site, post quotes from your book, information about you and your book, book events, or just your thought for the day. More time you get on the site, the more often it will show up on Google, Bing, etc when someone searches a topic close to your book title.  No cost unless you have to hire someone to help you. Brett Macomber at brett.macomber@gmail.com can help you for a very small fee.

Facebook page or/and Author Page
Same as a blog page you need to post comments, quotes, pictures, and excerpts from your book daily or weekly. Just follow the directions after you set up an account. No cost unless you have to hire someone to help you. Rebekah Merritt at owlmediapub@gmail.com can help you for a very small fee.

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