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Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Arrival for June

Kory’s Jungle
Ann M. Jayne  

Author: Ann M. Jayne first children’s chapter book, Kory’s Jungle, was published and released in November, 2010.  Jayne received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Photographic Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma. She lives in Edmond with her husband, David, and two sons, Ian and Justin, and their two dogs.  Jayne teaches yoga, is a substitute teacher at Oklahoma Christian Academy, and is involved in various activities with OCA and the Edmond Church of Christ.  In her spare time, Jayne enjoys writing, photography, traveling and riding her horse. 

Title: Kory’s Jungle
Genre: Children/Young Adult
Book: Ian tries his best to be strong for the family, but he doesn't want to leave his old house or his old room. Most of all he doesn't want to leave his friends. He's most scared about starting third grade. In an effort to make the transition easier, Ian's parents let him pick how he wants his room decorated. After some deliberation, he decides upon a jungle theme so his stuffed animals will have a place to live, especially Kory. His mom transforms his new room into a very special jungle! Little does she know how special it will be... When the time comes to go to school, he reluctantly concedes, only to be met head-on by the class bully, Doug. Find out how Ian learns to deal with Doug, the class bully, by escaping to his secret jungle! Will Ian unlock all the secrets of strength in Kory's Jungle? Kory’s Jungle is available at Amazon.com.

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