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Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Arrival for June

God’s Acres
David Gerard  

 Author: David Gerard was born David Gerard Jurkiewicz in 1952 in St. Joseph, Missouri. He attended parochial schools there and, as a youth, worked in his father's shoe repair business. He earned a Master's degree in literature from the University of Tulsa in 1992. He has worked for the Muskogee Phoenix in Muskogee, Oklahoma, since 1995 where he spent ten years as a reporter and copy editor and the last five years as opinion editor. He is a freelance writer, has written one other novel, Judge Not, and has published short stories in literary magazines. Gerard and his wife Audrey have three adult children. He enjoys gardening, hiking, bicycling, and bird watching.   

Title: God’s Acres
Genre: Inspirational
Book: In God's Acres, six-year-old Bud tells the story, set in the 1950s, of his family's relocation from St. Joseph, Missouri to a small farm just outside of town. The twelve-acre homestead represents the idyllic life for Bud's mother, the story's central figure—a woman driven by unwavering religious beliefs and a rigid work ethic—but it turns out to be the source of much heartache. With an endearing earnestness and bits of laugh-out-loud humor, Bud intertwines signal developments in the lives of his family members with key world events—all of which seem to be of equal importance from his perspective as a child. At the start of each chapter, an adult Bud speaks from the present, closing the circle on a complex tale of family relationships. God’s Acres is available at Amazon.com.

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