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Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Arrival for June

Deadly Sins Series
Nicci Sefton  

Author: In 2008, Nicci won her first national writing contest by describing her wow first kiss with boyfriend. Since then she hasn't looked back.  A 2008 graduate of Tulsa Union Public Schools, Sefton now has three novels under her belt: Luxuria,  Invidia, and Superbia. These are coming of age tales written in the vampire genre. Sefton connected with her publisher, Total Publishing and Media, through a booth at the Tulsa State Fair several years ago.

Title: Deadly Sins Series: Luxuria, Invidia, Superbia
Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Mystery
Book: Vampires and mortals, love and lust; these things usually don't make good combinations. They all come together to make one enthralling and captivating story. Tulsa author Nicci Sefton creates a world between the living and the undead from which a love story unravels. Each of the books in the Deadly Sins Series is available at Amazon.com.

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